Sharon K. Solomon's Children's Books
A Walk With Grandpa (Un paseo con el abuelo)

A simple walk in the woods becomes so much more. As Daniela and her grandfather stroll through a peaceful woodland setting, they enjoy the beautiful day and each other's company.
By playing a word game as they walk, they begin to express just how much they mean to each other. The sentiment and love expressed in this story will bring back fond memories for adults and inspire children, as well. Children may want to create their own special language and bond with their extended families after listening to or reading about Daniela and her grandpa.

This title is available in an English�only and Bilingual English�Spanish editions.


Sharon K. Solomon knows what kids enjoy as far as reading goes. Now retired, she has become a full-time writer in various genres including preschool and elementary school age children's literature as well as young adult works. A Walk With Grandpa came from a little walk she took with her granddaughter, Ella. Sharon K. Solomon lives in Lansdowne, Virginia.


Pamela Barcita lives in rural Chesapeake Virginia, in a log home on a forested three acres populated with many wild creatures, from which she draws inspiration for her artwork. She resides with her family, four cats, and two cockatiels.


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Primary Science Readers' Theatre

by Sharon Solomon

     It's a whole new way to experience Science in the Primary Classroom! Not a science text. Not hands-on science experiences. It's 11 original Reader's Theatre scripts!

All students can join in and learn about habitats, nutrition, space, health, dinosaurs, the food chain, energy, life cycles, light and color, water, and matter. Scripts include new lyrics to popular songs. Follow-up activities in writing, art, music and games challenge students to use higher level thinking skills.

"Second graders thoroughly enjoyed the science plays. They reinforced important concepts and vocabulary. The children sang the songs throughout the day. The plays are an excellent way to culminate and review a unit." - Sally Barmakian, Berkeley Heights NJ "Children always enjoy plays.

     The fact that these plans combine humor with factual reinforcement of science topics makes them a hit with the students." - Laura Sammon, second grade teacher

"I remember to wash my hands when I sneeze since we ready the play about the germs." - Michelle, age 8

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Cathy Williams: Making Her Way from Slavery to Freedom is an historical fiction picture book about the true story of Cathy Williams. Cathy was born a slave in Missouri in 1844 and freed by the Union Army in 1861. Soon after, Cathy was taken as contraband by the 8th Indiana Infantry to work as a cook and laundress. She spent three and a half years with this regiment, walking hundreds of miles across the Midwest and the South where she experienced many battles along the way.

After the Civil War, Cathy was unable to find her mother in Missouri, but she met a friend and cousin who had enlisted in the United States Army as Buffalo soldiers. Cathy cut her hair and dressed like a man and enlisted in the army as William Cathay. She marched with her unit across the Great Plains to the Rocky Mountains. Life as a Buffalo solider was difficult due to poor food and water supplies and unhealthy living conditions. After almost two years, Cathy finally let it be known that she was a woman and was discharged from the U. S. Army.

Eventually Cathy settled out west in Mew Mexico and Colorado where she ran a laundry business. This strong, brave and determined woman truly made her way from slavery to freedom.


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Jamestown Explorer


By Sharon K. Solomon
Illustrated by Dan Bridy

Christopher Newport made history when he founded the first British colony in America. Discover how the young lad from Harwich, England, came to command three ships destined to reach the New World.

This biography takes readers on Newport’s adventures of the high seas, full of sword fights, exotic foods, and shipwrecks. Join him on the journey to America, the quest for the elusive Northwest Passage to China, and beyond.

In 1557, Sir Francis Drake hired Newport to capture Spanish ships and bring treasures back to England. After ten years as a privateer, Newport was chosen by King James to command three ships owned by the Virginia Company. On this voyage, Newport and his crew changed the world by founding Jamestown, the first successful English-speaking colony in America.

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How a Lemonade Lid Changed My Summer

By Sharon K. Solomon

Sam and Abby Jackson are not looking forward to a boring summer in their small town. But then everything changes when Sam got thirsty.

Under the lid of his lemonade bottle is written a very interesting fact.

This gives Sam and Abby an idea.

And their boring summer is transformed into a wonderful one, with many changes.

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Born to Run

By Sharon Solomon


More than one hundred years ago, in a small Hopi village in Arizona, a young man named Lewis Tewanima loved to run. When the United States government took him from his home and forced him to adapt to European ways, he kept his connection to his tribe strong by running. Tewanima competed in many races, including the Olympics in 1908 in London, England, and again in 1912 in Stockholm, Sweden, alongside legendary Indian athlete Jim Thorpe. Tewanima set records and met a king and a president, and more than one million people came to a parade in his honor. But the famous athlete wasn’t truly happy as long as he was away from his tribe.

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James Smith, Four Years a Mohawk

      By Sharon K. Solomon


With the French and Indian War closing in, sixteen-year-old James Smith and a friend are sent to cut a road for the British supply wagon, The young men must take care as they work. 

Even so, they are attacked and James is suddenly taken away from everything he knows. He becomes Scoouwa, an adopted Mohawk, but will he decide to stay with his new family or return to his Scots-Irish family on the Pennsylvania frontier? This is the struggle that James faces … only he can decide his future. 

“The dangers of colonial America are alive in this suspenseful young adult historic fiction based on the actual journal of James Smith, whose capture by Indians, and subsequent four-year struggle to survive, is delivered with authenticity and passion. I couldn't put it down.”
—Mark H. Newhouse, award-winning author

“This book kept me wondering what would happen to James. It was very exciting and a must read for history fans.”
— Brady Joseph, eighth-grade student


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Ride High with the Wave

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by Sharon K. Solomon


Hiro Kojima and Ted Richman are backstroke rivals on the Dolphins, their swim team. Hiro is the new boy in town and Ted dislikes him. Reluctantly, Ted agrees to work with Hiro to solve their mutual problem, attending swim meets on Saturdays.

Ted and his family attend Sabbath services, and Hiro goes to Japanese school. The rivals join forces to change swim meets to Sundays. 

Will they succeed? And how will they resolve their rivalry?

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A Walk with Grandma

"A Walk with Grandma" is for ages three through eight. Alex and his grandma take a walk in the city. They play the animal-vegetable-mineral game. Available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, AimHi Press and me!