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            I still feel like a kid inside even though I am a grandmother.  I love to take walks and feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my face.  I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.  I want to learn something new everyday, so I keep my eyes and ears open, and I usually succeed!

            Being half of a set of identical twins made growing up in McKeesport, Pennsylvania fun and exciting.  We had our own secret language and dressed alike until we were six years old.  We never knew what mischief we would get into.  There were always new places to explore, so we did.  Maybe thatís how I developed my curiosity about life and my environment.

            I remember learning to read with Spot, Dick and Jane.  My favorite place in town was the public library.  They had a special story hour after school and I sat there mesmerized by tales of far away places.  I loved reading fairy tales, folk tales and mysteries.

            I didnít start writing until I was a teacher.  I was so busy teaching and raising a family that I didnít have time to write.  But now I am retired after 35 years of teaching.  So I have time to write and play and travel. 

            Every day is a new opportunity for me to help someone and to learn something new.  To me life is like a blank computer screen, ready to be filled up.  Each day I can clean off yesterdayís words and deeds and start over.  My writing is also like that blank computer screen, ready to be filled up with words and new ideas. 

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